INNTREST = Jac Wijkmans

After 20 years of working in full-time permanent positions in the pharmaceutical industry, Jac decided early 2014 to found INNTREST Consultancy BV and venture into pharmaceutical and life science consultancy. The idea of being able to use his skills and expertise to spur the growth and ambitions of other businesses large and small was the one thing on his mind.

Academic Spin-offs, mid-size Biotech & Big Pharma

Jac gained extensive experience in managing dynamic, complex, multidisciplinary innovation projects and processes that span across national and international organizational levels and divisions. Jac has served as a senior line and project manager in various companies spanning the full spectrum of the industry from academic spin-offs (Oxford Asymmetry, Griffin Discoveries) and mid-size Biotech (British Biotech, OSI Pharmaceuticals) to Big Pharma (Merck & Co, Schering-Plough, Organon). Under his leadership a large number of drug candidates were optimized and selected for pre-clinical and clinical studies. He led the implementation of major internal organizational changes and managed external relationships with academic and industrial collaborators.


In his new role as consultant, Jac has taken up the responsibility as Global Project Team Lead to lead the early and late development of gene therapy based treatments for rare neurodegenerative disorders. As a business development and project manager he developed new business concepts and revenue models for the Dutch horticulture sector for non-traditional markets such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agrochemicals.

Jac studied chemistry in Utrecht and obtained a PhD from Leiden University.

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Jac Wijkmans
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