Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery

You want to validate your newly found biological target(s) and translate it into the next breakthrough therapy. You require a clear picture of the patentability of your innovation. You selected a candidate for pre-clinical evaluation and scale-up.

INNTREST can help

With over 20 years of pharma industry experience, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery are at the heart of INNTREST’s expertise. Numerous projects were initiated and brought to fruition as evidenced by the optimization and selection of a range of leads,  pre-clinical and clinical candidates for different therapeutic indications. To date, the most successful of these projects led to the identification of selective kinase inhibitor acalabrutinib, which is currently undergoing a range of Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of cancer.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Drug design & synthesis
  • IP analysis
  • Lead identification & optimization
  • Pre-clinical development
  • Outsourcing

Project Management


Start-up Support